Crescendo Academy’s faculty members are highly qualified music educators. Nearly all teachers earned bachelor degrees or higher in music education or music performance. Almost all of the faculty members perform professionally in West Michigan in a variety of chamber ensembles as well as the following organizations:

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra
South Bend Symphony Orchestra
Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra
Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
Southwest Symphony Orchestra
Kalamazoo Philharmonia

Current Faculty

Paul Bauer—Drum Set/Percussion
Michelle Bessemer—Violin
Caitlyn Bodine—Music Together® Instructor
Jerzy (George) Bugaj—Piano/Voice
Loretta Cetkovic—Piano/Accompanist
Ann Cirvencic—Viola/Violin
Jessica Louise Coe—Piano/Voice/Accompanist
Luke Cook—Cello/Program Assistant
Cynthia Cross—Community Voices
Brent Decker—Saxophone/Bassoon/Piano
Rufus Ferguson—Piano/Accompanist
Rose Gifford—Piano/Accompanist
Margaret Hamilton—French Horn
Anthony Healy—Piano/Accompanist
Kip Hickman—Trombone/Baritone
Melissa Holso—Piano/Accompanist
John Hosley—Guitar/Mandolin
Victoria Jackson—Voice
Susan Lawrence—Piano
Audrey Lipsey—Violin/Executive Director
Melissa Ludwa—Music Together® Cert. II Specialist
Matt Matuszek—Trumpet/Cornet
Stephanie Measzros—Flute/Piccolo
Sophie Petroski—Violin
Mark Portolese—Violin/Piano/Accompanist
Henry Rensch—String Bass/guitar
Gabriel Renteria-Elyea—Oboe
Scott Robbins—Saxophone
Ben Schmidt-Swartz—Saxophone/Piano
Corlyn Longer Schreck—Voice
Shannon Scoles—Voice
Silvia Sidorane McClish—Cello
Cathi Smits—Music Together® Cert. II Specialist
Joanna Steinhauser—Violin/Crescendo Fiddlers
Stacy Vest—Piano
Corlis Watkins-Nass—Community Voices
Daniel Willenberg—Piano/Accompanist
Jesse Williams—Clarinet
Marcia Working—Orff Studio/Community Voices
Jackie Zito—Mandolin

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